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Size: L.L.: Approx. H245mm / C.C.: Approx. H220mm

Material: PVC, ABS

[Set Contents]

-Painted Figure x2

-L.L. Alternative parts x2 types

-C.C. Alternative parts x1 type

-Rose part x2

-Base for the set

-Individual base for L.L.

-Individual base for C.C.

Sculptor: Denden

Paintwork: Tc

"If you're a witch then I just have to become a demon lord."

From the hit movie "Code Geass Re;surrection" comes a figure set of L.L. and C.C. dressed in the black wedding attire seen in the epilogue.

These two who live endlessly through the ages have been made a truly Precious item.

The character designer Takahiro Kimura used the planning material to make a new illustration just for this figure and fully supervised the creation, which is sure to please Lelouch fans.

You can display then together on the pair base that places them just right so they seem close to touching but cannot, or separately on the included individual bases.

You can also display them holding the optional black rose.

This item even comes with alternative parts for L.L. to be displayed with the eyes and neck like when activating the Geass, and for C.C. to be displayed with with or without the veil.

Date de sortie Sep-2020

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